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Sorry, But There Is Good News About Multivitamins

The Good News About Multivitamins There was good news about nutritional supplements recently. Very good news. A good study–a very good study–showed remarkable benefit associated with the use of multivitamin supplements. In short, this new study indicates that men who … Continue reading

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New Line of Supplements for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients often face a difficult choice. They may feel that they would benefit from nutritional and herbal support during and after treatment, but their physicians may be against it. One authority may suggest that nutritional and/or herbal support will … Continue reading

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Immune Enhancing Supplements Gain Validation

Immune Enhancing Supplements Gain Validation There will always be a certain amount of controversy when it comes to recognizing the value of herbal and nutritional supplements as immune system modulators. Historically, conventional medicine has demanded double-blind, placebo controlled human studies. … Continue reading

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