For the wrong reasons.

We had a caller on the radio show recently who had a question about “gluten free” supplements. They were very concerned about this. It became clear to me, however, that they were concerned for entirely the wrong reasons.

Hearing so much about “gluten free” diets, and seeing so much trumpting of “gluten-free” foods and supplements, they had come to believe that in some way “gluten free” food was superior to regular, or non “gluten-free” food. I found this to be very interesting.

The fact is, of course, that you really need to be concerned about “gluten-free” foods only if you have coeliac disease, or a true allergy to wheat or other gluten containing grains. If you do not have this condition, there is no benefit to be gained by seeking out “gluten-free” foods or supplements. In fact, it could be to your detriment, as “whole grains” are a desirable and healthy component of a proper diet.

About Don Goldberg

Hello. I am what you might call a Nutritional Pharmacist. After college, I worked in the Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Industry, first in Quality Control, and then in Manufacturing and Product Development. Increasingly, as the years passed, I became more involved with nutritional supplements. I spent many years detailing physicians, herbalists, and homeopaths about nutritional and herbal therapies and products. In 1992, along with my friend Arnie Gitomer, I bought Willner Chemists, a well-established nutritionally oriented pharmacy. For the first time, I had an opportunity to communicate directly with the consumer, the patient, and the customer. I love it. This blog is an additional way for me to extend my personal views and opinions directly to you. I also used to be on the radio, every Sunday, from 2 to 4 pm on WOR radio in NY (710 AM). You can listen to, or read excerpts from those shows on our website,
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1 Response to For the wrong reasons.

  1. Don Goldberg says:

    After posting my comments, an informative article on gluten free diets was published in The Wall Stree Journal. I recommend you read it for additional information on this subject.
    If the link does not work, in was, Health Journal, August 24, 2010.
    Don Goldberg

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